Maps for the German Open in Fiesch
Last update: Tuesday June 22, 2010

Link to the official Page for the German Open 2010 in Fiesch
I offer the maps below to help with your preparations for the German Open in Fiesch.
In the table you can find
.ZIP files of the map-images with their calibration file:
 - All maps have an
.IMP file with them, compatible with CompeGPS
 - the 3 maps with a star (*)  also have a
.MAP file compatible with Maxpunkte.
The  terrain maps  are ideal for displaying the task in blogs and reports after the race!
The  mapplus files  are standard maps.

Overview of areas covered                
map-ch-wallis-terrain-z12             * Download  3,5MB
map-ch-vorderrhein-terrain-z12 Download  2,5MB
map-ch-wallis-terrain-z13    Download  13MB
map-ch-wallis-mapplus-z12         * Download  4,5MB
map-ch-wallis-all-mapplus-z13     * Download  25MB
Download  7,3MB

(a very basic street map)
Download  2,0MB

Download 3,8MB
Example how this looks
     in Maxpunkte


A demo flight to check calibration