Ulrich Prinz
Vogelsangstr. 78
70197 Stuttgart,  Germany
Phone  : +49-7031-14-1827
Email: prinz@hp.com

Application for:  CO Operation Implementation Consultant  829281

I have heard about this job-posting from the hiring Manager, Alexander Reich.
My CV in response to your posting is here: @@@ change link!

The qualification profile you have added to the job description fits my experience in almost all points.
I have:

The job you offer is very interesting to me, because I search for a new challenge, and I think I 
can bring a lot of experience in the required areas to the new project. Another reason is of course 
that I have already worked for Alexander Reich, and would enjoy to do so again.

I would be happy to answer all remaining questions in a face to face meeting,

Best Regards,
                        Ulrich Prinz